7 casos de amor que provam que o destino existe

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Você acredita no destino? Se não, você precisa ver essa matéria. Muitas pessoas acreditam que toda pessoa está destinada a conhecer o grande amor da sua vida e muitas vezes de forma lúdica.

Não importa os rumos que a vida dá, onde nasceram ou viveram, as pessoas que têm o seu destino traçado vão em alguma hora encontrar a pessoa, como se um fio invisível alinhasse as suas vidas.  

Essas 7 histórias de amor abaixo vão provar que o destino existe e pode ser mais surreal do que você imagina. 


1- Amor da pré-escola

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“Justin & I met on a dating site when we were both 32 years old. We were two wounded hearts coming together. A few years before we met, Justin’s fiancé was tragically murdered the night before they were supposed to move in together. It took him years to cope with this unexpected & devastating loss. I too was damaged. Most of my past relationships had been with men who mistreated me and made me feel unworthy. When I came across Justin’s profile, something drew me towards him. When we started talking, we had an instant chemistry. It felt like we had known each other forever. When we first met, Justin told me he liked my name because his first crush was a girl named Amy in preschool. I jokingly told him I didn't want to hear about another girl named Amy who wasn't me. A month into our relationship, I pointed out a scar above Justin's eye & asked him how he got it. He told me it was from falling off the monkey bars at "good ol' Sunshine preschool." My jaw dropped, I squealed, "What! That's where I went to preschool!" And then another realization, "Justin! We're the same age! We must have gone to preschool together!" Justin looked at me in a state of shock & then said, "Babe, don't you remember me telling you about my 1st crush being a girl named Amy?" My heart almost exploded. "Maybe I was that Amy!" I ecstatically said, "Oh my god, babe. We're preschool sweethearts!" We immediately called our moms & had them dig through old photos. Sure enough, my mom found our class picture from Sunshine Preschool, and not only were Justin and I both in it, but we were sitting right next to each other. This confirmed that we were in fact Preschool Sweethearts, and furthermore, destined to be together from the start. We also believe that Justin's late fiancé is his guardian angel who guided us back together. About 2 years after we started dating, I wrote a letter to a news station about our story. 3 weeks later, we were invited to appear on The View, but little did I know, there was a whole other surprise in store. Justin proposed to me live on TV and had students from Sunshine Preschool hold up signs that said, “Amy, will you marry me?” I’m here to say second chances are possible"

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O romance entre Justin e Amy começou pela internet, pelo menos foi o que pensaram, até que descobriram que 32 anos antes, ambos estudaram na mesma escolinha infantil. Ele revelou que ela era o seu grande amor da pré-escola. 

2- Desde os primeiros respiros

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"Our moms have been best friends since high school, so they were thrilled when they found out they were pregnant at the same time. They were due the EXACT same day, but I ended up beating Adam by 3 weeks. I grew up in Denver, CO while Adam's family lived in Westchester, NY. Growing up, my mom would always tell me about her best friend’s son, but all I knew was that we lived weirdly parallel lives. I would fall off my bike and scrape my leg and the next week he would randomly do the same. I should have known how things would turn out. In high school, my family decided to take a trip to Westchester to visit Adam's family, and we instantly clicked. We became best friends and continued to talk all the time. During Senior year, Adam called me one day and asked me to go to prom with him. I couldn't have been more excited. I booked my plane ticket and before I knew it, I was on my way back to Manchester again for a weekend that would change my life. Adam kissed me during the last slow song and it was then I realized we were meant to be together. We're both away at different colleges now, but our relationship is still going strong. We see each other once a month and are planning to move in together after we graduate. I’m convinced our moms planned it to be this way all along."

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Adam é filho de uma das melhores amigas da mãe de Madeline. As mães ficaram entusiasmadas com a gravidez na mesma época, mas se separaram, quando uma delas foi morar em outro local. Adam e Madeline se tornam um casal no ensino médio, as mães revelaram o passado das duas e como era a sua amizade. O casal, então, se conheceram ainda quando eram apenas bebês. 

3- A foto do “primeiro” encontro

Verona estava vendo foto da férias que passou na praia quando ainda era criança e se deparou com o seu namorado em um  dos registros. O garoto que aparece em um boia flutuando atrás da garota com os primos é o seu noivo há mais de 12 anos.

4- O ângulo do amor

Os registros dessas fotos aconteceram no ano de 2000, mas o encontro do casal somente em 2011. Pais de gêmeas, Mr. Ye e Sr. Ye tiraram fotos ao mesmo tempo, sem se conhecerem, em ângulos diferentes em Chegdu na Praça Quatro de Maio. Ele aparece na foto dela e só descobriram isso depois de casados. 

5- Amiga de infância

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“Kathleen was my first friend. I was 2 years old when we ‘met’ living in Geneva, Switzerland (she’s 8 months younger than me). Our parents were close friends & our families did practically everything together. When I turned 5, my family moved to the United States & lost contact with Kathleen’s family for many years. It would be decades before the internet, specifically Facebook, came about and enabled our parents to finally track each other down. Shortly after reconnecting, Kathleen’s family arranged a trip to come visit us in the U.S. I was now 18 and Kathleen was 17. I remember having some sort of feelings for her, but I figured it was just the familiarity of our childhoods. We even briefly talked about her going to my High School prom with me, but it never happened. After that visit, Kathleen & her family returned to Switzerland and we ended up losing touch again for the next few years. Then, on April 24, 2009, my mother passed away after having a stroke. She suffered for a long time with serious health issues including diabetes & kidney failure. It was so devastating and painful to lose her. The day after she passed, I received a message on Facebook that said, “It’s Kathleen, I hope you remember me.” She was reaching out to offer her condolences. After that message, we ended up talking every day. Then one afternoon, I randomly said “What if we had never left Switzerland?” And she answered, “Well we would have probably ended up together.” That simple exchange of words changed everything. For Kathleen’s birthday, her parents bought her a flight to come visit me in Philadelphia. When she arrived, we both couldn’t deny the magnetic pull between us- which I believe was partially my stubborn mother getting her way up in heaven. Kathleen & I had no idea if we could make this relationship work, especially living across the world from each other, but a bond like ours is not easy to replace. In the end it took 7 years of being in a long distance relationship. Everyone told us it would never work, but on December 28, 2016 we proved them all wrong when I married my best & first friend. My mom loved Kathleen like a daughter & I know she is smiling down on us.”

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Eles foram amigos até os 5 anos, mas nunca mais se viram após uma das famílias se mudar para o EUA. O encontro aconteceu anos depois, pelo Facebook, mas se distanciaram novamente. No entanto, o destino já estava traçado, eles voltaram a se falar após a morte da mãe dele, tiveram um romance à distância durante 7 anos e se casaram. 

6- Amor desde sempre 

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"Laura and I met in preschool. One of my very first memories is of being 3 years old and standing up in front of my pre-school class, declaring that I would marry her someday. As kids, Laura taught me how to ride the swings, draw rolling hills, and the 'right way' to properly eat string cheese. We have fond memories of playing hide-and-go-seek, chasing after each other on the playground, and mischievously staying up during nap time. I was enamored with Laura as a child, and I still am to this day. Eventually, we lost touch upon entering our Elementary School days and for the next seven years, our family's annual Christmas cards was the only way we ever saw each other's faces. It wasn't until High School that we reconnected by happenstance through a mutual friend. Within two weeks, we decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend. We continued to date through out all of High School, even though we went to different schools. We even stuck together long-distance while attending colleges in different states. We remained a resilient couple until May 23rd, 2015 when I decided to stay true to my preschool pledge and make Laura my wife. I proposed to her at the place it all began… our preschool classroom."

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O romance inocente começou na pré-escola, com promessas de namoro e casamento o que foram cumpridos anos depois. Eles ficaram um período sem se ver e somente no ensino médio o que foi prometido se cumpriu. , começaram a namorar e se casaram. 

7- A Daminha e o Paje 

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"In 1998, when we were 5 years old, we were forced to walk down the aisle together as the ring bearer and flower girl in a family/ friend's wedding. Actually, only he was forced because I was very excited. I had a huge crush on him, but he hated me. After the wedding, we didn't see each other again for years. Then in middle school, we ran into each other at a church event, and that's when Adrian says his feelings for me began to change. We lost touch after that and didn't reconnect until we were both in high school and I went to hear Adrian preach for a youth service at his church. We started dating shortly after that and got engaged in November of 2014. This past September, we walked down the aisle together in the same church as we did 17 years ago. Except this time as husband and wife."

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Eles levaram as alianças em um casamento quando tinham apenas 5 anos. Ela já tinha um amor por Adrian, mas ele não ligava muito. Após alguns anos, os dois voltaram a se encontrar em um evento da igreja. Ele a pediu em casamento após 17 anos terem passados pelo tapete vermelho nos papeis de paje e daminha.


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